Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation 

Sometimes, surgeries are essential to improve the quality of our lives. The purpose could be to fix a problem we were born with or to repair damage from an injury. While surgeries can improve our lives in many ways, they also come with pain and discomfort.

At Physical Therapy by Phoenix, we offer pre-and post-operative rehabilitation in Wichita to help our patients heal faster and with less pain.

What is Pre-Operative Rehabilitation?

Pre-operative rehabilitation is a type of physical therapy that is done before surgery. The main goal of pre-operative rehab is to help the patient become as healthy and fit as possible before surgery.

How Does Pre-operative Rehabilitation Work?

Pre-operative rehabilitation works by making small changes in the body that can have a significant impact on the surgery and post-operative recovery.

  • The therapy focuses on improving the patient’s range of motion and flexibility.
  • It ensures that the muscles and joints are strong enough to tolerate the stress of surgery.

It prepares the body for impending distress and also reduces the risk of complications after surgery.

For instance, pre-operative rehabilitation will focus on strengthening the hip muscles through physical therapy exercises if a patient is scheduled for a hip replacement.

The Benefits of Pre-operative Rehabilitation

Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

Some of the benefits of pre-operative rehabilitation services in Wichita include:

  • Reduced pain after surgery
  • Quicker healing time
  • Fewer complications after surgery
  • Reduced risk of developing blood clots
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Greater emotional strength to face the surgery
  • Normalizing movement patterns

What is Post-operative Rehabilitation?

Post-operative rehabilitation is physical therapy that is done after surgery. The main goal of Wichita’s Physical Therapy by Phoenix, post-operative rehab is to help the patient heal well and regain their strength. The rehabilitation will also help reduce the surgery’s pain or swelling. It allows you to get back to your normal activities more quickly.

How Does Post-Operative Rehabilitation Work?

Post-operative rehabilitation helps the patient gradually recover from the surgery. Physical Therapy by Phoenix expert therapists will design a specific exercise program for you. The therapist will also teach you how to care for yourself at home. The rehab program includes icing the area, taking simple exercises, and avoiding activities that could cause further pain and inflammation.

The Benefits of Post-operative Rehabilitation

  • Proper healing
  • Reduced pain and swelling
  • Increased strength
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased mobility

Who Needs Pre- and Post-operative Rehabilitation?

Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation plans are for anyone scheduled to have surgery. It is particularly recommended for people undergoing:

  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Shoulder surgery

Talking to your doctor or surgeon about pre- and post-operative rehabilitation is a good idea.

Contact Physical Therapy at Phoenix to Quicken Your Healing

Physical therapy is an integral part of both pre-and post-operative rehabilitation. At Physical Therapy by Phoenix, we offer pre-and post-operative rehabilitation in Wichita to help our patients heal faster and with less pain. We work closely with patients and surgeons to create a customized rehabilitation program that meets their individual needs and goals.

We use a variety of treatments and exercises to help you reduce pain, improve strength and flexibility, and regain your normal range of motion. Some of the treatments and techniques we use are:

Contact Physical Therapy by Phoenix in Wichita today and learn more about how pre-and post-operative rehabilitation can help you!