Balance Training & Fall Risk Management 

Do you think it is hard to maintain your balance? Have you or your spouse sustained a fall recently? You are not alone! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that one in four Americans aged 65+ experience a fall. But note that falls are not a normal part of aging. The key to preventing falls is identifying those at risk and addressing their modifiable risk factors.

Who is at a Higher Risk of Falling?

Balance Training & Fall Risk Assessment

Statistically, women are at a higher risk for falls than men. The following groups are also on that side of the spectrum:

    • Older adults (aged 65+).
    • People with chronic medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and arthritis.
    • People who take certain medications (e.g., blood pressure medication, antidepressants).
    • People with vision problems.
    • People who have poor balance or strength.
    • People with muscle weakness and less stability.

What Are the Consequences of Falling?

Often, people who fall experience bruises, cuts, or even broken bones. These injuries can lead to a decrease in mobility and independence. In severe cases, falling can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI) or even death.

Falls may lead to a loss of confidence and a decreased quality of life. It may also lead to social isolation and further physical decline. Fortunately, physical therapy can provide the help you need to avoid a fall.

How Can Physical Therapy Reduce the Risk of Fall?

Prior research has shown that balance training can help reduce the risk of falling. A study done in 2007 showed that “older adults who took part in a group-based exercise and education program aimed at preventing falls were 35% less likely to experience a fall over six months than those who did not participate.”

At Physical Therapy by Phoenix, we offer fall risk assessments to identify your risk factors and design a personalized plan to help you reduce your fall risk. We also provide balance training classes to help build strength and confidence.

What Happens During the Fall Risk Assessment?

At Physical Therapy by Phoenix in Wichita, we offer a comprehensive fall risk assessment. This assessment includes:

-A review of your medical history and current medications.

  • A functional movement screening.
  • An evaluation of your balance and gait (how you walk).
  • An assessment of your fall risk factors.

Based on the findings of your assessment, our team of expert physical therapists will create a special treatment plan to help you reduce your risk of falling. We will also provide you with education and resources to help you stay safe and prevent falls in the future.

What is Balance Training?

Balance training is an exercise regime designed to improve your balance and coordination. Balance training therapy in Wichita can help you build strength and confidence and improve your overall quality of life. It includes a single-leg stance, heel-to-toe walking, and standing on an unstable surface.

The key benefits of balance training are,

    • Reduced risk of falls.
    • Improved coordination and balance.
    • Increased strength and confidence.
    • And a safer and satiating life.

Anyone with risk factors for falls or who has fallen before would likely benefit from balance training.

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At Physical Therapy by Phoenix, we combine balance training and other therapies like chronic pain therapy in Wichita and vestibular rehabilitation to develop a comprehensive treatment program that meets your individual needs and goals.

If you are concerned about falling or want to learn more about our balance training classes, please schedule a free consultation today. At Physical Therapy by Phoenix, our Wichita experts are always happy to address all your queries at any time!