Return to Play Assessment

Have you suffered a recent injury while playing your favorite sport? Or have you undergone surgery that has caused you to miss significant time on the field? Regardless of how you were injured, if you are having difficulty returning to your previous level of play, a return-to-play assessment can help.

What is a Return to Play Assessment?

A Wichita physical therapist who specializes in sports medicine like Physical Therapy by Phoenix conducts a return-to-play assessment. The therapist will evaluate your injury and design a rehabilitation program specifically for you. The assessment aims to help you safely return to your sport while minimizing your risk of re-injury.

What to Expect During a Return to Play Assessment

Return to Play Assessment

During your return to play assessment, one of the Physical Therapy by Phoenix therapists will get you through the following steps.

Step 1:  Injury HistoryThe first step is to examine the medical history and current symptoms. It will help the therapist understand your injurie’s extent and how it impacts your ability to play your sport.

Step 2: Physical ExaminationNext, the therapist will conduct a physical examination to identify any weakness, tightness, or instability in the injured area. The therapist will also assess your range of motion and flexibility.

Step 3: Functional TestingAfter the physical examination, the therapist will conduct functional testing. This may include tests such as the Y Balance Test or Single Leg Squat Test. Functional testing helps to identify any movement deficiencies that could lead to re-injury.

Step 4: Rehabilitation ProgramAfter the therapist has completed the steps above, they will work with you to design a rehabilitation program. The program will be specifically tailored to address your specific problems.

The rehabilitation program may include exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. The therapist may also guide you on modifying your activity level and technique to lower the risk.

Step 5: Progressions and Return to PlayAs you progress through your rehabilitation program, the therapist will gradually increase the intensity of your exercises. It is essential to note that everyone heals at a different rate. The therapist will consider your healing process when making recommendations for your return to play.

What Happens When You Are Not Ready to Be Back in the Field?

Sometimes, the therapist may determine that you are not ready to return to your sport. In such cases, they will work with you to develop a plan to return to play safely. This plan may include additional exercises, activity level changes, or technique modifications.

The bottom line is that the therapist will not clear you to return to play until they are confident you can do so without re-injuring yourself.

Why Should You Choose Physical Therapy by Phoenix

When you choose physical therapy in Wichita for your return to play assessment, you will benefit from the following:

  1. Individualized Care: At Wichita’s Physical Therapy by Phoenix, you will receive individualized care from a licensed physical therapist.
  2. Sports Medicine Expertise: Our therapists have experience working with athletes of all levels. They understand the importance of getting you back to your sport safely and quickly.
  3. Convenience: We offer morning and evening hours to accommodate your schedule. We ensure you are 100% comfortable with us.

At Physical Therapy by Phoenix in Wichita, we are committed to helping you safely return to your sport. Contact Wichita’s Physical Therapy by Phoenix today to schedule a return-to-play assessment.