Sport-Specific Physical Therapy

Sports injuries are not uncommon. Recreational athletes and professionals often suffer from a wide variety of injuries:

    • Muscle strains
    • Sprains
    • Ligament tear
    • Shin splints
    • Knee injuries and much more.

Sports-specific physical therapy in Wichita can help athletes recover from these injuries and return to their game quickly.

Why Choose Sport-Specific Physical Therapy w/ Physical Therapy By Phoenix?

Sports Specific Physical Therapy

Sport-specific therapy is more effective than general therapy because…

    • It is tailored to the specific needs of athletes.
    • It focuses on the mechanics of the sport and prepares the athlete for the repetitive motions involved.
    • A physical therapist specializing in sports therapy understands the forces of your sport and will design a rehabilitation program accordingly.
    • A body accustomed to the rigor of sports is more likely to benefit from sports-specific therapy.

Also, general therapy may not address all the factors contributing to the athlete’s injury. It may not consider the demands of the sport, the mechanics of the athlete’s body, and the athlete’s specific goals. As a result, the injury may not heal completely, or the athlete may be at risk for re-injury.

What Are the Benefits of Sports-Specific Physical Therapy?

Better Performance – Athletes who undergo sports-specific physical therapy can expect a marked improvement in their performance. They will move more freely and with a greater range of motion. They will also have more strength and power to put behind their motions.

Reduce the Risk of Injury – By increasing flexibility, balance, and coordination, sports-specific therapy can help athletes warm up properly and reduce their risk of injury. In addition, sports-specific therapy can help athletes learn the proper techniques of their sport to avoid some common injuries.

Faster Recovery from Injury – The therapist uses different exercises to reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the area around the injury. As a result, the athlete can return to the sport feeling more confident and ready to perform at their best.

Improved Mental Well-being – The athlete’s mental well-being is improved as they see their performance improve. The increased confidence in being physically fit can help reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, the athlete will feel a sense of accomplishment as they overcome their injury and return to their sport.

How Do Our Sports-Specific Therapists Work?

Our therapists are well-trained in the newest techniques and research to help athletes of all levels.

Step 1: First, Physical Therapy By Phoenix starts with an evaluation process. We discuss complete medical history, joint mobility, deficiencies in functional performance, and compensation patterns if any.

Step 2: Based on our results from the evaluation, Physical Therapy By Phoenix therapists will design a personalized rehabilitation program. The exercises will mimic the motions of your sport to strengthen the essential muscle areas. We focus on flexibility, balance, and proper breathing techniques to improve your athletic performance.

Step 3: Finally, Physical Therapy By Phoenix work on your mindset. We want to help you overcome any mental barriers preventing you from reaching your full potential.

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