What Are 5 Things a Physical Therapist Do?

Physical therapy is a field of medicine that helps people regain movement and function after an injury or illness. Physical therapists can help patients with various issues, including sports injuries, back pain, and arthritis. Physical therapists can help patients improve their quality of life by restoring physical functions and mobility.

There are many different things that physical therapists do to help their patients. Here are five of the most important things that a physical therapist does:

1. Regain Movement and Function After an Injury or Illness

Injuries like a sprained ankle or a broken bone can cause big problems with mobility. Physical therapists help people regain movement and function after an injury or illness.

Illnesses like a stroke can leave patients unable to move parts of their bodies. Physical therapists help these patients, too. They work with patients to help them regain as much movement and function as possible.

Our Wichita therapists use exercises, stretches, and massages to help patients regain movement. They may also use heat or cold therapy to relieve pain. For pre-and post-operative rehabilitation in Wichita, therapists use electrical stimulation to help patients with paralysis or other conditions. This therapy can help patients regain some movement and function.

2. Help Patients with Sports Injuries

Sports injuries involve damage to the muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Physical therapists work with patients to help them regain their strength and range of motion. They may also prescribe exercises to prevent further injury.

For example, golf injuries and mobility assessments in Wichita are common. A physical therapist can help patients with golf injuries by developing a treatment plan that includes exercises and stretches to improve their range of motion and strength. They may also recommend changes to the patient’s swing or equipment.

3. Help Patients with Back Pain

Back pain occurs when the spine is not aligned correctly or when the muscles and ligaments supporting the spine are weak. Wichita’s Physical Therapy by Phoenix therapists works with patients to improve their posture and strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Exercises like Pilates and yoga can help alleviate back pain by lengthening and strengthening the muscles that support the spine. Physical therapists may also use massage, heat, or cold therapy to relieve pain.Chronic pain therapycan help patients learn how to control their pain and live a more normal life.

4. Improve Quality of Life

Our physical therapist in Wichita can help patients improve their quality of life by helping them regain movement and function. For example, patients who have experienced a stroke often need to relearn how to walk. Physical Therapy by Phoenix can work with our patients to help them regain their strength and balance. Cardiovascular patients may need to learn how to exercise safely to prevent future heart attacks.

5. Help Reduce Pain & Improve Joint Function

Patients with arthritis can benefit from physical therapy as well. Our Wichita physical therapists can teach them exercises that will help reduce pain and improve joint function. Physical Therapy by Phoenix Therapists right here in Wichita also work with patients who have had surgery, we can help them reduce pain and swelling.

So, whether you are suffering from an acute injury or a chronic condition, call Wichita’s Physical Therapy by Phoenix, we are experts in movement and function, which means we get to the root of your pain and help you heal.

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