What Is the Main Focus of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy may be your solution if you are experiencing pain, decreased range of motion, or other physical limitations.Physical therapists work with patients to help them reduce pain, improve their range of motion, and achieve their goals. They help patients recover from injuries and improve their overall health.

If you are considering Physical Therapy by Phoenix, it is essential to understand the main focus of our treatments and their valuable benefits:

Reducing Pain

Do you experience pain in your daily life? It can happen due to various reasons like sitting or standing in the same position for a long time, not being active, an injury, etc. If you are looking for pain relief, physical therapy can help.

The primary focus of physical therapy is to help reduce pain and improve the range of motion. Physical therapists in Wichitaachieve this by using various techniques like massage, heat, cold, electrical stimulation, and exercises.

Increasing Strength

Strengthening muscles, whether they are weak from injury or surgery, is another common goal of physical therapy. By working with a physical therapist, patients can gradually regain the strength they need to perform everyday activities.

Strengthening exercises are often done with resistance bands or weights. These exercises help patients gradually increase their strength and avoid re-injury.

Regaining Mobility

After an accident, injury, or surgery, it’s not uncommon for patients to lose some mobility. Physical therapists work with patients to help them regain as much mobility as possible. It may involve working on a range of motion, strength, and balance training.

Patients who have suffered a stroke often experience mobility loss on one side of their body. A physical therapist can help these patients by working on exercises that will help to improve their range of motion and strength.

For patients who have had surgery, a physical therapist can help them regain their mobility and range of motion through different exercises and stretches. They may also work on scar tissue massage to help reduce any pain or discomfort the patient may be experiencing.

Enhancing Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability of a muscle to lengthen and return to its original position. It is essential for overall fitness and avoiding injuries during sports and other activities.

Some ways to improve flexibility are:

  • Static stretching: when you hold a position for an extended period. An example would be touching your toes and holding the position for 30 seconds.
  • Dynamic stretching: when you move in and out of a position. An example would be leg swings or arm circles.
  • Ballistic stretching: a type of stretching that uses momentum, such as bouncing, to force your body into a position. An example would be bouncing up and down while touching your toes.

Promoting Overall Fitness

Lastly, Physical Therapy by Phoenix in Wichita will aim to help patients maintain their fitness and overall health. It is done through education on diet, nutrition, and exercise. They may also refer patients to other healthcare providers if necessary.

If you wish to get rid of your body pain and improve your range of motion, you should consider Physical Therapy by Phoenix. We offer various services that can help you depending on your needs.

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