Why Do People Want to Be Physical Therapists?

Physical therapy is a growing field with many job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of physical therapists is projected to grow 22 percent from 2019 to 2029. Physical therapists are required in a variety of settings, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Private practices
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Home health agencies
  • Schools
  • Sports and fitness facilities, and
  • Nursing homes

Apart from the tremendous job prospects, there are several reasons people choose physical therapy as a career. These include:

1). Helping People Improve Their Quality of Life

One of the most satisfying aspects of being a physical therapist in Wichita is helping patients regain mobility and independence. For many patients, this may mean regaining the ability to walk or simply reducing pain so they can carry out their daily activities. Physical therapists can enhance the quality of their patient’s lives significantly.

2). Seeing a Patient’s Progress Is Satisfying

Physical therapists often form close relationships with their patients as they work together to achieve their goals. Our team of therapists from Physical Therapy by Phoenix get to know their patients well and witness therapy’s positive impact on their lives. It is gratifying to assist someone to achieve milestones that may have seemed impossible at the start of therapy.

3). Physical Therapists Lead an Active Life

Physical therapists must be physically fit to demonstrate exercises and manual techniques to their patients. Therapists must also be able to lift as well as transfer patients. As a result, physical therapists often lead a very active lifestyle themselves.

4). Physical Therapists Gain Excellent Knowledge & Experience

Working as a physical therapist in Wichita provides excellent opportunities to learn about the human body and how it works. Therapists also gain a great deal of experience in exercise prescription and rehabilitation. Working with different kinds of patients also provides therapists with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

5). A Flexible Schedule

Physical therapists often have a lot of control over their schedules. Many therapists choose to work part-time or per diem to have more time for family and other interests. Some may even travel to different clinics or settings to work, which can provide great flexibility.

6). Physical Therapists Can Choose an Area of Specialization

Physical therapists in Physical Therapy by Phoenix can choose to specialize in a particular area, such as orthopedics, pediatrics, or sports medicine. Specialization can provide therapists with more opportunities to work with patients with similar conditions or goals. It can also lead to advanced knowledge and skills in a particular area.

7). Good Salary & Benefits

Physical therapists are well-compensated for their services. In addition to a competitive salary, many therapists also receive health insurance and retirement plans.

8). A Challenging & Rewarding Career

Working as a physical therapist can be both challenging and rewarding. Therapists must act spontaneously and adapt to different situations. They must be compassionate and patient with their patients. But the challenges are worth it when you see the positive impact therapy can have on people’s lives.

Please reach out to someone from our team to know more about the advantages of being a physical therapist!

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