6 Key Benefits of Dry Needling

Dry needling is used to treat musculoskeletal pain and movement problems. This therapy is often part of a larger treatment plan that may include massage, stretching, and other techniques.

During dry needling treatment, the provider inserts a small, thin needle into your skin to stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points. This can lead to several advantages, including pain reduction, improved blood flow, and more.

Keep reading to learn even more benefits of dry needling treatment.

Helps the body heal
Dry needling can be effective for issues throughout the body, such as a shoulder or knee injury. The needles used actually create a small lesion in the tissue, which encourages blood flow and promotes healing to the area.

Reduces muscle pain
Pain reduction is one of the top reasons why people choose dry needling. With increased blood flow, this speeds up the healing process. Whether you have an acute injury or something chronic, dry needling can be an effective tool in your treatment plan.

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Alleviates soreness and tightness
When we experience an injury, it’s common to feel very sore and tight. However, if you don’t stretch, exercise, and treat your injury properly, it could turn into a chronic condition. Luckily, dry needling is an excellent way to reduce soreness and tightness, getting you back on your feet quickly!

Treats several conditions
Dry needling is an effective treatment for several different conditions, including the following:

Shoulder pain
Knee issues
Plantar fasciitis
Leg pain
And more!
No matter your condition, dry needling can improve your quality of life.

Improves flexibility
As more blood is moved throughout the body, you can also expect increased flexibility and an improved range of motion.

Safe and natural
Unlike pharmaceutical drugs and other treatments, dry needling is safe and natural. Furthermore, the therapy doesn’t usually involve any pain!

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